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At SJH, we take pride in providing the highest quality product, delivered on time with excellent service to the client. Being a worldwide company, we are uniquely positioned to help in many ways. We have over 50 years experience manufacturing electric heating solutions in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

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Electric Heating Elements, Customized engineered heating solutions

Heating Solutions

Customized heating solutions offered at SJH

Tubular Heater

Cartridge Heater

Flat Bar

Silicone Heater

Finned Heater

Thick Film

Foil Heater

PI/PET Heating Film


Boiler Units

Printed Circuit Board

Extrusion Heating

Alloy Casting

... and much more! 


Materials offered at SJH


Stainless Steel






SJH is a worldwide company, with service centers all over the world 

Service Centers

We have mulitple service centers across the globe

Manufacturing Sites

We have multiple manufacturing sites across the globe


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